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Lanitis Farm Ltd

Lanitis Farm Ltd

The farm was established in 1936 by the Lanitis family. Lanitis Farm Ltd which is situated 10km west of the town of Limassol, was one of the largest private citrus and olive producers on the island, covering 3,800,000 m2 of land. Today, the Farm is a big land owner of an area covering 2,900,000 m2

Over a period of more than half a century the farm produce has changed a number of times. In the 30s it began with olive trees, vegetables and aromatic plants, while at the same time produced honey and milk products from a large herd of sheep and goats. In the 50s it changed to vineyards becoming one of the largest local exporters of table grapes to the United Kingdom. During the 60s the Farm was focused to citrus production.

It has a long history and experience in growing and has succeeded in playing an important role in the economy of Cyprus.

Lanitis Farm Ltd is 50% shareholder of Lanitis Golf Public Co. Ltd, owner of the upcoming fully integrated gold and real estate development.

Lanitis Farm Ltd portfolio includes the following: