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Chairman`s Welcome

At Lanitis Group, our course through time has formed the basis on which our development is founded. Since our establishment at the end of the 19th century our values have remained unchanged: Reliability, Integrity, Quality and Social Contribution.

The vision of the Lanitis Group is to have a positive contribution though time to the Economy and the Society based on development, innovation and quality, aiming to ensure a dynamic future perspective.

By establishing a framework of reliability the Group plays a pioneering and innovative role in products and services securing at the same time its profitability and participating actively in the economic and social life of our country.

"It is our conviction", as Evagoras Lanitis used to say, "that as well as being profitable an enterprise must also contribute to society as a whole".

Over four generations the dynamic approach of our people determines our business perspective. The Lanitis Group, while moving forward with modern business methods and practices has never ceased to maintain and preserve its values on which it has laid the foundations of its past and plans its future with determination.

Platon E. Lanitis