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Code Of Business Conduct

The Lanitis Group (the term "Group" includes Lanitis E.C. Holdings Limited, its subsidiaries and associated companies in which Lanitis E.C. Holdings Limited has a direct or indirect stake of more than 50%), is committed to responsible corporate behavior; this includes high standards of business conduct in our relationships with employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, governments, competitors, as well as, the local communities in which we operate.

In the pursuit of these values, all Lanitis Group employees, are expected to maintain high standards of integrity, honesty and fair dealing, at all times, so as to avoid actions which may adversely affect the interests or good standing of Lanitis E.C. Holdings Limited or any Lanitis Group Company.

Although, each Company of the Lanitis Group has wide freedom in decision making, all companies and all employees within the Lanitis Group are expected to be aware of, understand and act in accordance with the Corporate Ethics set out in this Code of Business Conduct.